Cebu Sinulog Events Schedule and Dates


The Sinulog Festival is one of the major festivals celebrated in the Philippines.  The upcoming 2015 celebrations of the Sinulog Cebu will be no exception with every years events getting bigger and bigger.  Although this event happens in the Queen City of the South— Cebu City, people from around the globe gather with the Cebuanos to celebrate the arrival of the Santo Niño and to commemorate their acceptance of their religion— Christianism.

It was believed that the festival is characterized by a different dance to distinguish it from other festivals held in the Philippines. The dance is considered a ritual and a traditional dance done in honor of the Santo Niño. Accompanied by the sound of the drums, the dance step is described by all the time moving two steps forward followed by one step backward. The Sinulog Festival officially started in the year 1980 although the dance has long been practiced as a ritual by the people.

Long before the introduction of the religion, Cebuanos used their dances to worship and pray to their gods. After the arrival of the Portuguese, and the introduction of Christianity and of the Santo Niño, Sinulog dance is still being performed and was established as the dance to worship the Santo Niño. “Pit Señor, Kang Mama Kini. Pit Señor, Kang Papa Kini” is the chant the dancers shout to make sure that their prayers were heard.

Cebu’s Sinulog Festival is a must see celebration because you can actually witness the people’s love of the Sto. Niño. Although it can be seen live on national television, there is no better way to appreciate and feel genuine happiness than to experience it firsthand.

About the Sinulog festival and the sequence of events.

We have put together a more detailed schedule of the 2015 events below at the bottom of this page.  The Sinulog is a nine-day celebration that starts every third Sunday of the year. The Cebu Sinulog of 2015 will open its celebration on January 8 run to  the main event called the “grand parade” which is scheduled to be held on January 18, 2014. Although no official schedule has been released at the time of writing this post, every year the celebration was always held on fixed days. The highlights will start on January 8 where the Opening Salvo and the Walk with Jesus is done. On the next day January 9, Sinulog Festival 2014 Kick – Off is done. By the 10th of January, Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan is held, and Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan is done the next day—on the 11th of January. The festival does not only show the dances or the tributes of the people, they also showcase the beauties of their ladies chosen to represent their towns or cities. By January 14, Miss Cebu 2015 will be crowned during their coronation night. What we call Queen Photo Shoot will then be held after as is sinulog idol, people will also enjoy Cebu Pop Festival and the Sinulog Festival Queen Competition. Devotees can also have their Walk with Mary and the Translacion. The Fluvial Procession and the Solemn Foot Procession will be done. The 17th Sinulog Pyrofest will follow at SM City Cebu. By the 18th of January, the 35th Grand Parade will be done, participated by the different towns and cities. Fireworks are usually held at places like Ayala Center Cebu on the same day. Awarding ceremonies will follow on the 19th. And lastly the Hubo Mass on the 23th will mark the end of the Sinulog Festival. Hubo Mass is when the people will hold a mass to one of its churches, usually done at the Basilica del Santo Niño. During the mass an assigned number of people will change the Santo Niño’s attire thus the term Hubo.

Going to the Sinulog Cebu celebrations.

If you wanted to be a part of the celebration and wanted to go to Cebu, then you should prepare yourself. If you are from another place, then you should start doing room reservations in hotels and inns located in Cebu City, Cebu as early as now because believe it or not, during the festivities all hotels, inns and lodging houses will be fully booked. You also have to prepare your budget because for sure there will be a lot of spending done especially if you wanted to try all sorts of thing being offered during the festival—most especially souvenirs such as t-shirts and the like. List down important things you needed to bring as you travel so that you can keep track of what to bring and what not to bring. Lastly, keep yourself fit because we don’t want to plan things and get excited about the festival to only end up getting caught by flu or any form of sickness.

The real deal is what to bring and how to enjoy the festival once you are in it. First you have to buy yourself a map, make an itinerary and familiarize streets and areas that are most likely to be the center of the festival. We don’t want to get lost right?

Second, if you have gadgets, make sure to have them fully charged. And bring along a backpack or a satchel where you can put your things. Remember to always hydrate yourself so bring water or juice—according to your preference. And don’t forget to dress for comfort but be ready for anything that might come such as rain. Be sure you have all you need in your bag. And watch out for those pickpockets. They are always everywhere.

Third, if you’re not from around Cebu, then you should learn to speak their language. A little familiarity is okay especially when you need to ask for directions or you need to buy something. After all, that will also help you establish connection with the natives.

Fourth, always be cool and just enjoy the festival. That is the very reason why you came to the place. If you get lost, or get stuck on traffic remember your looking for an adventure. So don’t hesitate, meet new people, find friends and experience the festival firsthand. Make the most out of your travel, make memories and make an adventure during the Sinulog Festival.


Sinulog 2015 Schedule of Activities

SINULOG 2015 Schedule of Activities
as of Dec. 16, 2014

December 01 – January 31, 2015 : Sinulog Street Fair, Osmeña Blvd.

December 27, 2014 – January 24, 2015 : Sinulog 2014 Photo Exhibit @ SM City Cebu

December 30, 2014 (Tuesday)
Sinulog Fun Run

5:00 A.M. : Elimination Sinulog 2015 Dance Crew

January 8, 2015 (Thursday)
Opening Salvo: Walk with Jesus
4:00 A.M. : Assembly Time (Area) Fuente Osmeña
4:30 A.M. : Start of Walk-Fuente Osmeña Blvd. – Basilica del Sto. Niño
5:30 A.M. : Installation of Hermano & Hermana Mayores 2015

January 9, 2015 (Friday)
Sinulog 2015 Kick Off
10:00 A.M. : Sinulog Trade Fair @ SM City Cebu by Department of Trade and Industry
2:00 P.M. : Solemn Mass (Basilica del Santo Niño)
3:00 P.M. : Launching Parade (Basilica del Santo Niño to CCSC)
6:00 P.M. : Sinulog Choral Competition Grand Finals @ Fuente Osmeña
7:00 P.M. : Opening and Launching Program, Fuente Osmeña
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña Circle)
9:00 P.M. : Street Party Bands

January 10, 2015 (Saturday)
Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan
1:00 P.M. : Parade of Participants, Capitol Site to Cebu City Sports Center
2:00 P.M. : Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Lalawigan @ Cebu City Sports Center
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by Department of Education – Cebu Province
7:00 P.M. : Ms. Cebu 2015 Pre Pageant Night @ Ayala Activity Center

January 11, 2015 (Sunday)
Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan
3:00 A.M. : Cebu City 2015 Marathon –
1:00 P.M. : Parade of Participants, Plaza Independencia to Cebu City  Sports Center
2:00 P.M. : Sinulog sa Kabataan sa Dakbayan @ Cebu City Sports Center
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by University of San Carlos, Cebu Normal University,
Salazar College of Science and Institute of Technology
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands

January 12, 2015 (Monday)
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by University of Cebu,
Cebu Institute of Technology – University, University of Southern Philippines – Foundation
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands

January 13, 2015 (Tuesday)
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by University of San Jose Recoletos,
Asian College of Technology, Mandaue City College
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands

January 14, 2015 (Wednesday)
9:00 A.M. : Airport Welcome (Balikbayan Flights)
6:30 P.M. : Cultural Show (Fuente Osmeña) by Department of Education – Cebu City Division
7:00 P.M. : Ms. Cebu 2015 Coronation Night @ Waterfront Hotel Cebu City
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog Idol (Fuente Osmeña)
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands

January 15, 2015 (Thursday)
9:00 A.M. : Airport Welcome (Balikbayan Flights)
6:00 P.M. : Balik Cebu Welcome Party @ Ayala Activity Center
6:30 P.M. :
Sinulog Festival Queen Runway Competition and Photoshoot
8:00 P.M. : Handumanan @ Ayala Terraces
8:00 P.M. : Sinulog 2015 Idol Grand Finals
@ the Fuente Osmeña
9:00 P.M. : Concert @ the Fuente Osmeña, Street Party Bands

January 16, 2015 (Friday)
Visual Merchandising Contest (Dept. Stores and Malls)
4:00 A.M. : Walk with Mary (Area) Fuente
Osmeña – Sto. Niño
9:00 A.M. : Solidairty Meeting (All Competing Contingent/Floats/Higante/Puppeteers)
@ Cebu City
Sports Center Gym
6:00 P.M. : Sinulog 2015 Dance Crew Finals @ Cebu City Sports Center
7:30 P.M. :
Sinulog Festival Queen 2015 Coronation Night @ Cebu City Sports Center
8:00 P.M. :
Cebu Popular Music Festival @ Cebu Coliseum

January 17, 2015 (Saturday)
6:00 A.M. : Fluvial Procession of the Miraculous Image of the Sto. Niño
9:00 A.M. : Re-enactment of the Baptism of Queen Juana and Rajah Humabon Basilica del Santo Niño
12:00 P.M. : 10th “The Street Vibration & Big Bike Rally 2015″
by V-max Owner’s Group, Inc. Cebu Chapter
2:00 P.M. : Solemn Procession of the Miraculous Image of Sto. Niño
7:00 P.M. : Sinulog Fireworks Competition @ SM City Cebu
7:00 P.M. : Street Party @ Fuente Osmeña and Plaza Independencia

January 18, 2015 (Sunday)  
Sinulog Grand Parade

4:00 A.M. : Mañanita Mass @ Basilica del Sto. Niño
6:00 A.M. : Pontifical Mass with His Eminence Jose S. Palma
8:00 A.M. : Holy Mass @ Cebu City Sports Center
9:00 A.M. : Sinulog Grand Parade Carousel Kick Off
7:00 P.M. : Grand Finale and Grand Fireworks @ Cebu City Sports Center
7:30 P.M. : Street Party Bands, Fuente Osmeña
9:00 P.M. : Pyrospectacular Show (Pyromusical Show @ SM City Cebu)
5:00 P.M. – 2:00 A.M. : Concert Series sa Sugbo @ SRP Grounds
12:00 MN : Sinulog Fireworks @SRP

January 19, 2015 (Monday)   Awarding Ceremonies @ Cebu City Sports Center

January 23, 2015 (Friday)     “HUBO”

January 24, 2015 : Judging of Finalists Short Film/Video Documentary Contest

January 25, 2015 : First Cebu City Triathlon –

January 26, 2015 : Judging Sinulog 2015 Photo Contest

January 27, 2015 : Judging of Finalist in Short Film / Video Documentary and
Music Video Contest

January 31, 2015
1:00 P.M. : Screening of Finalists Sinulog Short Film Festival @ SM City Cebu
6:00 P.M. : Awarding Ceremonies Photo Contest, Short Film and
Video Documentary Contest @ SM City Cebu

January 31, 2015 – February 8, 2015
Photo Exhibit “Winning Photos Sinulog 2015 @ SM City Cebu


For Further information, please call Sinulog Foundation Office (6332)253-3700 / (6332)254-5010 / (6332)254-5318 / (6332)254-5319 or visit Sinulog Website –